August Balance Sheet
August Owners Report
​August Budget to Actual

July Balance Sheet
July Owners Report
​July Budget to Actual

June Balance Sheet
June Owners Report
​June Budget to Actual

2020 Budget to Owners

A message from your Treasurer
2020 Operating Budget to Owners
Master Facilities Plan 2020

A message from your Treasurer, Alex Whitenack; 

The following monthly reports are produced each month for the Budget and Finance Committee, and the Board of Directors. They provide a comparative status of the financial status of the Association, but are not fully prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), in that they are not prepared on a fully accrual basis. This is done in order to provide more timely information. While insurance, elevator maintenance, and fire alarm maintenance are presented on an accrual basis, other items are not presented in such a manner. For example, in order for the cost of Water and Sewer to be produced on a GAAP basis, the report could not be prepared until 2 months after the end of the month.

​May Balance Sheet
May Owners Report
​May Budget to Actual

April Balance Sheet
April Owners Report
​April Budget to Actual

March Balance Sheet
March Owners Report
​March Budget to Actual

February Balance Sheet
February Owners Report
​February Budget to Actual

January Balance Sheet
January Owners Report
January Budget to Actual